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Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy with a constitution providing for a multi-party democracy. The population of Cambodia is approximately 14 million. The Royal Government of Cambodia, formed on the basis of elections internationally recognised as free and fair, was established in 1993. Elections are held every five (5) years with the last election held in July 2013.

Cambodia has a relatively open trading regime and joined the World Trade Organisation in 2004.  The government’s adherence to the global market, freedom from exchange controls and unrestricted capital movement makes Cambodia one of the most business friendly countries in the region. 

The Cambodian Government has implemented a strategy to create an appropriate investment environment to attract foreign companies, particularly in the mining industry. Cambodia has a modern and transparent mining code and the government is supportive of foreign investment particularly in mining and exploration to help realise the value of its potential mineral value.

The Country holds regular democratic elections that are internationally recognised as “free & fair”. Over the past 15 years the Country has enjoyed political stability and one of the strongest performing economies in Asia.

“One of the most liberal investment regimes in Asia” - US Government

An Emerging Mining and Exploration Industry:

  • The government implemented laws governing foreign investment in 2004 and as a result of other legislation coming into effect in favour of the mining sector, the country has recently seen significant growth in gold exploration and production.
  • Cambodia remains unexplored with modern exploration recently commencing in 2006/07 following the implementation of laws governing exploration, mining and foreign investment.
  • Prospective for world class mineral discoveries, particularly large gold deposits.
  • The country has a Department of Industry, Mines & Energy (similar to Australia’s Department of Resources and Energy) with trained local specialists; a core objective of the Department is to build a successful and sustainable mining industry.